Preventing Diabetes
Improving Men's Health

Am I eligible?

We are looking for men aged 50 -74 years, who live in NSW, Vic, Qld, SA or WA and have a waist circumference of 95cm or more.

Also, we are looking for men who have impaired glucose tolerance and lower than normal testosterone. However, we'll check these as part of our screening process so don't worry if you don't know your glucose and testosterone levels.

Unfortunately you will not be able to join if you:

- already have type 2 diabetes,
- are already a member of Weight Watchers,
- have a history of any cancer (except skin cancer),
- have another serious medical condition that might make the study unsafe for you (complete our online questionnaire or contact us for more info).

Ready to join?

Our online questionnaire only takes 10 minutes.

Need More Information?

Visit our FAQ page for answeres to popular questions about T4DM.