Preventing Diabetes
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Helen Daniels

In each newsletter we’ll be interviewing a different member of the T4DM team so that you can learn a little more about the people behind our study.

This time it is Helen Daniels’ turn. She is the T4DM study nurse at Fremantle Hospital.

Helen (on right) pictured with one of our trial participants and his wife for a local newspaper story.

Helen, tell us a little about your background.
I worked in intensive care and theatre recovery nursing in Manchester, England before my husband, daughter and I emigrated to Perth in 2005. We arrived on the other side of the world knowing nobody and with just our five suitcases. After arriving in Australia I continued to work as a Theatre recovery nurse and after my second child was born I went form the hospital setting into community nursing. In this role I was exposed to many different nursing duties and also health promotion, relationship building of caring for people in their own home and self-management.

Is this the first clinical trial you’ve worked on?

Yes, T4DM is the first clinical trial I’ve worked on and I was very interested to be part of medical research as it underpins the standards of care we work to. It is also good, as a health professional, to work in trying to prevent something rather than always treating something that has already happened.

What do you enjoy about working on T4DM?

I am passionate about lifelong learning for myself but also for the people I meet, to empower ourselves to make better choices in our work and also in the everyday challenges we face.

If there was one thing you could say to T4DM participants/potential participants what would it be?

I would say to any men interested: give it a go, make the change today as that is probably the first and hardest thing to do. There will be people to help and support you through little steps of positive change. These changes can help in your health and the health of others to come.

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