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Meet a study participant – Paul

Paul from New South Wales joined T4DM last year and lost 27kgs in 11 months. He is now at his goal weight and is feeling and looking great.

Paul, what motivated you to join the T4DM study?

I lost my mother in late 2014 and decided I needed to make a change. When I heard about the T4DM research study on the radio I thought I would give it a try.

What have you enjoyed about the study?

I’ve enjoyed meeting my research nurse Glenda. The support and encouragement she is able to supply is second to none and has helped me achieve my goal. I couldn’t have done it on my own.

How have you found Weight Watchers?

I thought I was eating pretty healthy stuff but I was also eating a lot of biscuits and cakes. When I joined Weight Watchers I realised, “Wow, I’m eating too much!” My Weight Watchers coach, Angela and meeting members have kept me accountable and supported me.

What changes have you noticed since you’ve lost weight?

So many! I feel better, want to do more, want to walk more. I can pick things up off the ground. I can see parts of my body I only used to be able to see in the mirror (like my toes!) and I’ve been able to cut down on my blood pressure pills. And I feel better, did I mention that?

I don’t know if I am on testosterone or placebo but losing the weight has just made me feel so much better.

Well done Paul and thanks for sharing your T4DM journey. It’s great to see you looking and feeling so good. Read more testimonials here.

If you are a man aged 50-74 years and overweight then you can register for the T4DM diabetes prevention and testosterone study. Fill in our 5 minute online questionnaire to join today.