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Meet a study participant – Keith

Over the course of the study I’d like to introduce you to some of our study participants. This time we catch up with Keith from Perth.

In this case a picture really does speak a thousand words. Just looking at the photos below, you can see that Keith is not only looking trimmer but also healthier and happier.

So far he has lost 23.5kgs in 30 weeks and says “I feel great, my blood pressure is back to normal, and everyone comments on my weight loss. I feel really happy and positive and life is great”.

Why did you join T4DM?
I joined the study to not only help medical research into diabetes, but to also give me the motivation to lose weight and enjoy the benefits of being healthy once again.

How have you found the study so far?
The Weight Watchers diet is amazing in that I can still eat anything I like, provided I limit the size of my serves and work within the daily pro-points limit. I could not have lost the weight I have so far on any other diet than Weight Watchers because I will only eat foods I like.

Congratulations Keith! Good luck with your remaining time on the study.

In general we’ve found that men on our study are enjoying Weight Watchers and are losing weight. If you haven’t had much luck with weight loss so far, please don’t be disheartened. There is still plenty of time for you to see results on the study. Why not start the New Year with a resolution to commit to a healthy lifestyle? We’d like to see all our participants lost weight over the course of the study.

Whether you are receiving the testosterone or the placebo, previous research shows that losing weight may help you feel better, lower your risk of diabetes and other health problems and may improve your sleep and sexual function. This could be your year to do it!

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